Getting back into dating can feel extraordinarily daunting. I know because I’ve been there and felt it. I also know that by the time we’ve reached midlife, experienced divorce or the ending of a long term relationship our confidence and self esteem can have taken quite a beating. This is something that affects both men and women.

I divorced 7 years ago following a 20 year marriage. I am now thriving. I have a lot of experience in dating in midlife, I gained many insights about myself in the process! I’m now very happily in a relationship with a man I met online almost 3 years ago. It is possible to rediscover our mojo and find love once more. FACT!

I’m a professionally qualified NLP practitioner and personal performance success coach and have a passion for working with men and women in midlife, coaching them through transition.

These are some of the areas I work with clients. Which one stands out for you?

  • Steps to building your self-confidence and self-belief
  • What beliefs do you hold around what’s possible for you for the future?
  • Your core values. By knowing what’s really important to you you have a greater chance at success when dating.
  • How to be excited about the future…yes really!
  • What are you really looking for in dating. Let’s be absolutely honest here.
  • How to make the most of yourself in your online dating profile. It’s about ‘show don’t tell’.
  • How to take action one step at a time…procrastination is a killer.

Are you ready for some coaching to give you a boost in your dating life? Yes? Then get in touch with me and book up.

1 hour session – £90.

Prior to this session I’ll have sent you a worksheet to get you thinking about what’s important to you. It’s an exercise on your values, those things that are really important in your life. Once we know what’s really important we have a clearer idea of what we don’t want in our life as well as what we do. Believe me, this does help build our confidence. By the end of the hour you will have a begun to create a vision for your future.

6 week programme of weekly 45 minutes sessions – £375

This 6 week programme gives us the opportunity to get deeper into your confidence, self-esteem and beliefs about what’s possible. You will have begun to get a clearer understanding about your life now, what motivates you and how to get excited about the future. We’ll have explored what’s holding you back and how you can reinvent yourself. It’ll be fun and challenging! Are you up for that?

All sessions to take place via Skype.

Get in touch today, I’m more than happy to answer your questions!

Email me on: or call on +44 ( 0)7928 545247.