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“I really enjoyed our session together and although it’s taken me a while to get my act together, I do feel it was a strong catalyst for me to take some time to soul search about what it is I am really looking for which I feel much clearer about now, so thanks immeasurably for that!”

“I hope Rebecca could help me improve my profile a little. I was wrong, the improvement was dramatic! She helped me think and write more creatively than I thought possible. She is a brilliant mentor.”

“I loved your insights, encouragement and the way you gently challenged me when I allowed myself to get caught up in ‘mental patterns’.”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic time creating my profile – I enjoyed it so much!  I loved the process that we went through, it all makes a lot of sense and has given me an enormous boost of confidence.  It’s very exciting to think about what is ahead of me!”

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“Wow, these photos are just fab. They are just the kind of thing I was looking for; professional but still natural. You really have a unique approach, you were pitch perfect with these. I want to do it again!” – Toni

“I have a complaint – too much online dating activity to manage! Views/emails have increased at least five-fold from an early estimation, thanks again.” – Paul

“Thank you so much for my photos, I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day & you really put me at my ease in front of the camera. Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.” – Beccy

“I am absolutely loving the entire online dating experience now. I have no doubt that the photos played the biggest part in me doing so well. Every person that has seen them (both dates and friends) has said that the image of me in the blue coat is something out of GQ magazine.” – Nitesh

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