Creating your Irresistible Profiles


The Workshop – Creating your Irresistible Dating Profile

Most online dating profiles are deadly boring right? Why? Because most people, once they register on a site, just want to fill in the blank spaces of the template as quickly as possible, so they can begin actually dating.

It’s also likely that you’re registered on more than one site which means that you’re faced with a number of blank templates to complete.

The typical solution to the dilemma? Copy/paste.

The result: drab, unoriginal profiles that tend to look a lot the same.

Your profile doesn’t have to be that way! No! Yours will be the profile playing the movie trailer….


So, what would it be like to create an irresistible profile?

You’ll be treating your online dating identity as an important experiment. You’ll be using your presence on several different sites to try out profiles that are different from one another. In fact, each profile will place a different aspect of your personality – a different persona – in the spotlight.

And you will not actually be telling much about yourself. Telling is boring. Anyone can waffle on about themselves, and that’s not too sexy. Every writer knows the maxim, Show, don’t tell!


We’re going to teach you, step by step, how to show intriguing bits of yourself through your words. And, as a result, your profile will NOT drone, “I’m the kind of person that likes to curl up with a good book.”

No! Yours will stand out from the rest.

Sounds good so far?

Rebecca’s role as an experienced coach will be to guide and motivate you as you work through the process throughout the day.

It’ll be fun, it’ll be challenging and it’ll definitely be a stretch….but no one said it would be easy right?! By the end of the day you’ll have completed all 7 steps and will be ready to take the online dating world by storm!


So what’s involved?


The Steps

Step 1: Identifying + Creating 3 Personas + Usernames

Step 2: Crafting a Headline

Step 3: Writing The Profile Summaries

Step 4: The Five Things I Could Not Do Without

Step 5: What I’m Looking For

Step 6: The Power of the Image

Step 7: The Optional Important Stuff


This workshop is for you if:

•you’re serious in your search for a lasting relationship

•you’re ready to get creative and challenge yourself

•you’re prepared to dig deep and take a look at what really matters to you

•you’re ready to try something different because you’re fed up with your current results


This programme is not for you if:

•you’re expecting us to do the work and write your profile

•you want a quick fix to your profile

•you don’t like spending time thinking about what you really want

•you say you’re adamant you can’t write and won’t write!


What’s included in the day?

Putting our clients at ease is always forefront in our minds. We know just how scary it can be opening up to someone, whether that’s with a camera lens pointed at us or thinking about writing about ourselves in a dating profile. We will be creating a very welcome and safe environment for you.

It all starts before the day when we send you through a welcome pack with hints and tips from Saskia on how to make the most from your photo shoot and an exercise to get you thinking about what’s important for you and to start getting you in the right frame of mind. We want you to arrive at the workshop ready for action!

On the day:

  • We will be working through the written steps one at a time – the 3 juicy ones before lunch and the 3 fun and lighthearted ones after lunch as we all know our brains are good for nothing serious  straight after we’ve eaten!
  • Saskia will be taking photographs during the day, some whilst you’re busy writing and chatting and laughing and also taking you outside in small groups
  • Rebecca will be giving you lots of hands on coaching and support, guiding you to crafting your irresistible profile. She is insightful and will notice things that you don’t notice about yourself, she’ll notice
  • There will be time to chat and connect, to share stories and learn from each other.
  • Good food and cake throughout the day, obviously!
  • Motivation and cheerleading keeping you on track and inspired is guaranteed.
  • You will leave the workshop with a written profile you can be justly proud of.
  • Photographs taken and ready for a little Saskia magic

How much will it cost?

The day’s workshop will cost £600 and you need bring nothing other than your favourite pen.

Book your place:

Our next workshops are on Saturday 16th May, Saturday 18th July and Saturday 17th October. Places are limited to 6 so don’t hesitate! Drop us an email to to book your place.

We have an incredible membership discount offer from our friends, the very generous people at eHarmony, which you are eligible to use the entire time you’re registered with them.

Numbers for the workshop are limited to a maximum of 6 in order that you get the most from the day. This enables us to give you personal attention as you create your irresistible dating profile. Rebecca will work with the group and with you individually throughout the day. Saskia will be creating some gorgeous images of you for your profile.