New Year. New Love

So I’m guessing that finding love is high on your list of things for 2015? Right? There are a ton of blog posts out there on New Year’s Resolutions, How to Find Love, Is he/she the right person for you? How to know if he/she is the right person for you. What you must/not wear/eat/do/go on your first date……It can feel exhausting just thinking about all the dos and don’ts of dating and getting ready for the year ahead.

I’d like to take it right back to basics and take a look at resolutions in a different way. Because, let’s be honest most of us have given up on the list of things we resolved to do or not do by the end of January. That’s life, so don’t go beating yourself up about it! I believe we find them hard to stick to because we’re looking at the whole resolution thing from completely the wrong perspective. We’re setting ourselves up to fail every time. What if we tried something different?

For 2015 I just want to know one thing from you.

How do you want to feel in life and in a relationship?

For once, let’s let go of the shopping list of requirements for the guy/girl you hope to meet and let’s think about you instead. You know that the most important relationship in your life is with yourself. You know that, don’t you?

You see, unless you know how you want to feel in a relationship how are you going to know if the relationship you’re in or wish to be in is right?

So, how do you want to feel? Don’t underestimate the power held within these handful of words.

Get hold of a journal, a notepad or even your laptop and start writing. Put on your favourite music, pour yourself a glass of something or make a cup of tea, play your feel good music and write. Let the words and feelings come tumbling out. No editing. No judging. Allow yourself to play. Really get into it

Here’s a list of words I came up with: contentment, delight, openness, joy, free, strong, balance, communication, simplicity, peace, gratitude, understanding…

Come up with a bunch of words and phrases that resonate with you, bulk them up a bit, think about what each of them mean to you within a relationship.

Once you’ve written all you can (and then some more) ask yourself these questions.

If I know how I want to feel, what step can I and will I commit to taking today that moves me towards how I want to feel?

What do I need to stop doing or let go of in order to feel how I want to feel?

Let us know how you get on will you? Leave a comment below or email us

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