How’s your dating profile looking? Are you getting recognition for the fabulous person you are? Are you getting the attention you deserve? Not so much? 

Here’s the thing, most dating profiles are pretty awful, I’m sure you’ll agree. Predictable, drab and unoriginal. And yet, it’s your dating profile standing between you and getting out there dating. Your profile is the ‘you’ you’re projecting to the online dating world.

Read your profile again now and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it really the version of me I want people to get to know?
  • Am I being honest?
  • What makes me unique and how am I highlighting it?
  • Am I being positive?
  • How many predictable clichés have I used?
  • Am I leaving possible dates wanting to know more?
  • Am I showing or telling?
  • And finally…would I date me?

You need to think of your profile as a cross between a CV and an advert. Here in the UK we tend to be rather shy about writing positively about ourselves, the result is a cliché ridden profile that is a real turn off. I mean we all have a sense of humour right? We all enjoy going out AND staying in? We all love spending time with our friends or hanging out on a lazy Sunday morning or watching the sunset…you know the thing!

You can do so much better than that! Your profile can stand out and be the one playing the movie trailer… Your dating profile is your chance to highlight your personality. It’s your opportunity to show intriguing bits of yourself through your words.

Here’s where I step in and how I’ll help you

I’m a published author, life coach and dating expert (judge on the UK Dating Awards 2014). I’ve been where you are right now and know what it’s like. I understand the frustration of not knowing what to write, of wondering how to come across in an appealing way without sounding creepy or weird or arrogant. I met my guy online with my own stand out profile and I’m committed to helping you find love too.

You send me your dating profile, the one you’re currently using. I’ll spend some time reading through it and then get my loving red pen out. I’ll come back to you in an email with helpful tips, tweaks and suggestions as well as a crib sheet on the dos and don’ts of profile writing and an exercise to get you thinking about how to make the very most of your profile. You can then decide which changes you feel are right for you and update your profile. Done!

Cost: £50

If that sounds like the help you’re looking for then get in touch or call on 07928 545247 and let’s get you an Irresistible Dating Profile.