5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Look Better In Your Dating Photos

If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed on dating sites (and if you found your way to our unique service then chances are very high that you do), here are my top 5 tips of things that you can do to look better in your dating photos.


1. Get a budding photographer friend to help

Get someone who knows their way round a camera to take your photos. Either book a photo shoot with our specialist dedicated online dating photographer, or ask a friend who is a keen photographer and see if they wouldn’t mind doing it. If you put a shout out on facebook, you’ll probably be surprised at how many budding photographers there are who would love to practice on you.

2. Use your clothes & style to your advantage

Think carefully about what clothes you’re going to wear. Your choice of clothes give away a lot of clues to people about who you are so make sure they are giving away clues that you’re happy with. Do you want to come across as casual, dressy, formal, smart, trendy etc? Make sure your clothes reflect that side of you.  Also make sure you choose well-fitting clothes. Tight and baggy clothes tend to look really unflattering on camera. Finally, if you want to stand out, colour blocking is a simple but effective way to ensure your photo jumps off the page. Red is the colour of passion, danger and love so always goes down well in dating photos. I always recommend avoiding white, particularly in the summer, unless it’s broken up with a jacket or cardigan over it. White tends to attract attention when you’re looking at a photo and you don’t want to distract people from looking at your face.

3. Relax, be yourself & have a laugh

Generally, the most flattering position is to have the photographer slightly above you and to have your torso twisted slightly with one shoulder towards the camera and one away from it. But, that said, don’t be afraid to play around with poses. Some of the best shots are when you’re caught unawares laughing and relaxing. I find the easiest way to do this during a photo shoot is to just relax and have a laugh with my clients and get them to forget they are being photographed.  Or, I might ask them to put on and take off their jacket a few times and they’ll soon forget about me so I can get some nice candid shots.  Just keep moving and having a laugh and your photographer is bound to get some nice relaxed, happy shots.

4. Think about someone you like

For your close-up headshots, think about someone you fancy while you’re being photographed. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, a movie star will do. Your pupils will dilate and you’ll take on a dreamy, happy look which is very attractive in dating photos. If you’re struggling to think of someone, try thinking of the last time you did something that made you feel really desirable. (As you can imagine, I end up having some very interesting conversations with my clients sometimes!)

5. Take a friend with you

Finally, if you still think you’re going to struggle to relax during a photo shoot, take a good friend along with you. This will immediately relax you and you’ll feel less posed and stilted and your photographer will be able to get some great natural looking shots.