It’s time to attract the love life you know you deserve

If you’re online dating but just not having the success you want, you’re in the right place.
Rebecca and Saskia are experts in their field and together they are your online dating cheerleaders! Their expertise lies in guiding you into the right mindset for success as well as helping you craft a fabulous stand-out profile and creating a set of dating photos that will showcase you at your best.
Together let’s attract more viewers to your profile. With a combination of rock-solid confidence, well-crafted words and awesome dating photos, you’re going to rock the world of online dating.


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Irresistible Confidence Coaching for Dating

Are you in the right mindset for successful online dating? As your dating cheerleader, Rebecca will coach you back into confidence, help you identify what’s been holding you back and show you how to get your mojo back.


Irresistible Dating Profiles

Is your dating profile attracting the right kind of attention? Do you want a written profile that stands out from the crowd and reflects you at your best? Do you want your profile to be the one playing the movie trailer…?

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Irresistible Dating Photos

Do your dating photos stand out for all the right reasons? Your dating photos are the reason people decide whether to read your dating profile or not. Using out-of-date, blurry, poor quality images is the quickest way to lose visitors to your profile.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our clients are saying:


Wow, these photos are just fab. They are just the kind of thing I was looking for; professional but still natural. You really have a unique approach, you were pitch perfect with these. I want to do it again!

Thank you

– Toni


 Thank you so much for a fantastic time creating my profile – I enjoyed it so much!  I loved the process that we went through, it all makes a lot of sense and has given me an enormous boost of confidence.  It’s very exciting to think about what is ahead of me!

– Janet

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